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Diana Nikolova

Born and raised in Bulgaria.

Studied in Bulgaria, Greece and USA.

I am involved into photography since 2004.

Photography is my method of interpreting and expressing the world around me. I love the challenge of creating unique images and the great thing about being a photographer is that one can never run out of new subjects of interests. Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. My passion for photography and styles of photographic imagery feeds my own inspiration and creativity when I work. My diverse experience has made me comfortable in nearly every photographic situation. I have always been competitive and enjoyed a challenge. I strive to bring out each client`s personality in my photos and to tell the story and spirit of each special day through my pictures. I consider my best achievement however to be my unfailing enthusiasm stimulated by the diversity of my work. It's a process of self-discovery wherein I learn about myself and my greater purpose.

Diana Nikolova

Represented by Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

Selected exhibitions:



2012 –        Amsterdam Whitney Gallery
                 Museum of Fine art, Tbilisi – Georgia   
                 Venice – Italy
                 Morelia, Mexico



 2011 -      Tbilisi History Museum, Georgia
                Artists Haven Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, USA


2010  -     Artists Haven Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, USA


2009 -      Varna, Bulgaria, FIAP 


2008 -      Lumix Awards 2008, Sofia-Bulgaria   
                International Photography Awards –IPA, USA


2007 -      Varna, Bulgaria





Laurence Bradshaw Curator, Professor of Art -


DIANA NIKOLOVA of Ruse, Bulgaria captures a rich aspect of the country in her photograph “Cairo” depicting a local man sitting on steps in the local environment. Her work “Sprinkenhof” is rather impressive in terms of the magnificent symmetry of the piece. Her work “Mendenhall Glacier 2” is indeed informative of what is going on with this glacier. The composition works quite well with the sense of counter movements of water.



Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

International Fine Art

Ruthie Tucker

Executive Director – Curator


DIANA NIKOLOVA arrests individual portraits and

sprawling landscapes into haunting black and white still

lives and surreal compositions.


Diana Nikolova explains her art as a conceptual process of artistically reinterpreting her surroundings, stating, “Creating an idea and transforming it into reality is an essential process of my conceptual photography. I love the challenge of creating unique images.” Ms. Nikolova’s oeuvre is diverse, ranging from portraits of individuals to shots of traversing landscapes. Her commonplace subjects are photographically executed with an adept skill in compositional design and lighting effects, transforming her subjects into unique images of surreal narratives. In her

portraits, Ms. Nikolova focuses lighting to black and white, mimicking the dramatic effects of chiaroscurotonality by presenting a deep focus onto the placement and depiction of the photographed individual emerging from the mysterious depths of the shadowy background space.

Her landscape photographs are equally enigmatic, with the artist presenting a captivating image of a seemingly familiar place. In “Path to Nowhere,” viewers are presented with a nostalgic boardwalk traversing a misty lake. An immense shield of fog prevents viewers from deciphering the activities of this water scene, and instead one is left to contemplate the empty dock and wonder if “Lynda J” is out sailing the ocean, or is just the memorable name of a boat now retired. Ms. Nikolova arrests individual portraits and sprawling landscapes into haunting black and whitestill

lives and surreal compositions.


Tel: +359 889 174 555